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Growing from roots inspired by independent punk rock labels of the early 90's and the non traditional rock n' roll labels of today, TroubleTown Records is here to bring a sense of community back to the city of Toronto, with a "for bands, by bands" mentality.

In 2015 Terry Russell, a sound engineer from Toronto Canada and Stewart Weaver, a Music Business Management grad from Dundee Scotland got together with the same vision: To create something that will bring the musicians of Toronto together, with hard work and unity, a chance at success and a place where their music can grow.

Both musicians and music fans, Terry and Stewart have come from very different musical backgrounds, each bringing something new to the table for the other. It is this that is the real success of TroubleTown. Always growing, learning and looking for new ways to understand the future of the ever changing world of music.

TroubleTown Records have been operating their recording studio at 19 Polson St., Toronto since 2016. During this time the vision has grown from an idea to successfully creating a community of musicians each from varying styles poised to change the face of the music industry in Toronto.

"It's a journey, that ultimately starts with a song. If we are together, with the same vision, and work with each other, for each other, then the journey has no end." -TroubleTown Records

"We are truly in this with our bands, we see ourselves as a member of the band; that's the difference"-TroubleTown Records

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